Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Are Instant Offers Good?

You may be inclined to think I would automatically say NO - and you would be right.

But the reason may be different than you might think.

The NO is not because I sell homes - not at all. I actually think instant offers can be a good thing for some folks.

If you MUST sell right away for cash or whatever your reason, if you are financially super well off and don't care about money, or if there is some other defining reason, then instant offers may be good for you.

But let's look at instant offers for what they are.

They are a convenience - and you PAY for convenience - BIG TIME.

No matter who your real estate agent, it is best to go over the numbers and see just how much it will cost you to opt for an instant offer. As always, my best to you no matter what you decide.

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