Monday, October 21, 2019

Starting Your Home Search

Are you ready to shop for your new home? Of course you can begin by searching the internet for ideas and it is very likely you will find a home that you like - or more than one. But the very FIRST thing to do is get pre-approved for your mortgage - and pre-approved should not be confused with pre-qualified. A REALTOR or a mortgage loan officer can explain the difference. Once you are pre-approved then you pretty much know the maximum house price to shop for. Of course you do not need to spend the limit - and you may want to think about spending less. Having a lower payment has its own appeal - but that choice is up to you. Along the way, consider the must haves vs the options, the neighborhoods and the house style or architecture. Take an extra minute here and checkout today's report. When you are ready - if you need help or have some questions, call me Al at 210-757-0211. See you soon!

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