Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Gen Z Home Buyers

How exciting it is to see another generation getting ready to onboard as homeowners! And, the stats are off the charts. According to the experts nearly 80% of Generation Z want to own a home of their own by age 30. That is as American as it gets! Throughout our history, Americans have placed high value on home ownership. Another generation taking their place in our history. Read in greater detail in today's report. Are we ready to serve Generation Z? You bet - and we expect to learn something new every day. Maybe we helped your folks – or even the grandparents – but we also want to help the next generation of home buyers get off to a good start. Call today and let’s explore the options. Everyone should have the opportunity to have a home of your own.... We welcome ALL Generations.... Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials - Born 1996 – Present; Millennials or Gen Y - Born 1981 – 1996; Generation X - Born 1965 – 1980; Baby Boomers - Born 1946 – 1964; Silent Generation - Born 1928 – 1945

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